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Organizational Leadership and Structure


From its inception, Iota Phi Theta has always recognized the need for strong, effective leadership at every level of the organization. Iota Phi Theta's national governing body is The Grand Council.

The Grand Council is responsible for the governance of the fraternity between National Conclaves, which occur biennially. There are two nationally-elected officers to the council and the remainder are appointed (except Regional Polarises, which are elected by their respective regions.)

The Fraternity also has a Board of Directors which consists of elected members from each region as well as Executive Members, who are individuals who have previously served in the capacity of either Grand or Grand Vice Polaris.

The nationally-elected officers of the Grand Council are the Grand Polaris and the Grand Vice-Polaris.


Bro. Jerry Pittman is the Founder and Executive Director of Progressive Horizons, Inc., a non-profit organization providing community-based living for individuals with developmental disabilities.

A 1975 Graduate (B.A. Education) of Morgan State University, Bro. Pittman received his M.A. in Special Education in 1979. He was initiated into Iota Phi Theta at Alpha Chapter (Morgan State University) in 1973.


Bro. Rondall James is a Senior Art Instructor with the Virginia Department of Correctional Education.

A 1977 Graduate of Virginia State University, (B.S. Fine Arts Education), Bro. James also holds a Multi-Endorsement in Special Education from the University of Virginia. He was intitiated into Iota Phi Theta at Eta chapter (Virginia State University) in 1974.

The appointed members of the Grand Council are:


The fraternity is divided into six regions, each of which is administered by a Regional Polaris. Each Regional Polaris is elected by his respective region. The Regional Polarises are also members of The Grand Council.

Midwest Regional Polaris: Bro. Karl Price, Esq.
Initiated at Alpha Omicron Chapter (Kentucky State University) , Spring, 1981

Regional Scope:

New England Regional Polaris: Bro. Gary Fisher
Initiated at Chi Chapter (University of Massachusetts) , Spring 1976

Regional Scope:

Northeast Regional Polaris: Bro. Richard Gilbert
Initiated at Alpha Phi Chapter (New York Institute of Technology) , Spring, 1983

Regional Scope:

Mid-Atlantic Regional Polaris: Bro. Nate Williams
Initiated at Alpha Iota Chapter (Wilberforce University) , Spring, 1979

Regional Scope:

West Coast Regional Polaris: Bro. Cecil Bienvenu, III
Initiated at Iota Chapter (Elizabeth City State University) , Fall, 1978

Regional Scope:

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